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Want to know more? You are definitely on the right page. You can find here something about us, what in the Bike-Coffee business is up to you, and frequently asked questions.

What you should know about us

We can customize our primary models at your request, and also build them for a different purpose other than coffee (ice cream, pancakes, etc.).

We are focused on quality, so we choose the best possible materials and equipment on the market. The cart engines, coffee machines and also other parts have, of course, a CE certificate.

We have energy consumption on our minds. For example, the average energy costs of gas and electricity for the WellDone version is only 5-6 EUR per day.

We always welcome a personal meeting, and also we love to show our coffee bike to potential clients here in Brno.

Some things are up to you

We are not a franchise, so once you buy your Bike-Coffee stall, it’s yours and you don't pay any fee or anything else to us. But that also means some things are in your hands:
  • Think out your name and make a logo
  • Find a supplier of coffee beans
  • Buy paper cups, milk, sugar, and other supplies
  • Choose the place or places when you will sale
  • Get regular business license and permission to sell coffee at this place if is needed.

But you are not alone in that. We have a ton of experience and will advise you.

Frequently asked questions

Can a Bike-Coffee stall be delivered only to EU countries?

We actually can deliver worldwide, but the shipping cost of 250 EUR is valid only for shipments to EU countries. For other countries, the shipping cost will be higher. Feel free to send us an e-mail and we will calculate the shipping cost for your specific destination.

Please note that if you order from a country outside the EU, you also have to pay import taxes.

Is there a warranty on Bike-Coffee stalls?

Yes, we provide a 24-month warranty on each Bike-Coffee stall. The warranty on a battery is 6 months.

How will the Bike-Coffee stall be delivered?

The shipment will be delivered via DHL. If you are in the EU, you will receive a whole product, ready to use. In other parts of the world, you will receive one big box, inside which you will find several parts which you just need to put together (it is very easy!).

Do you recommend the Simple, StartUp or WellDone version?

WellDone is designed for people who want a great, fully equipped stall with the best to-go coffee machine on the market. For those who would rather choose their equipment by themselves, the Simple version is a great fit. The StartUp version is designed for people who want a Bike-Coffee cart ready to use, but have a smaller budget.

Is a driver’s license needed for a Bike-Coffee stall?

No, you don't need a driver’s license. Because the electric motor is only there for help moving easily, for any aspect of regulation, the Bike-Coffee stall is just a bigger bicycle.

Can Bike-Coffee be customized to my needs?

Yes, of course. We can customize the stall as your wish. We can change the coffee machine, add some other equipment, or build a stall for sale of other foods. Just contact us with your needs, and we will make offer for you.

Is Bike-Coffee a franchise company?

No, we are only the seller of Bike-Coffee stalls. You can use any logo or mark you wish for your business. It is fully up to you. You do not pay us any fees or anything else

Where can I sell with coffee bike?

Most of our customers sell products from their Bike-Coffee stalls on busy streets or at stations. Some of them use our Bike-Coffee stalls like kiosks in shopping centres or sell at markets, events, and other such opportunities. Because the Bike-Coffee stall is fully mobile, you can sell anywhere.

Are you a Vat payer?

No, we are small craftsman company from the Czech Republic who pay fix taxes. The price which you can see included this taxes paid by us. So you will pay just this, and nothing more. Because we ship Bike-Coffee from the Czech Republic you won't pay any import duty or import taxes in all EU.

Simple purchase process

1. Contact us through our inquiry form, e-mail or phone.

2. Tell us which model you want and if you have special needs.

3. We sign a contract and you will pay a 50% deposit by bank account or PayPal.

4. We build the Bike-Coffee stall for you. Construction takes only 1-3 weeks.

5. You pick up the stall here or we send it by courier to you. Together with delivery, you will pay second half of the price.

6. You have your Bike-Coffee stall but we are still here for any help you need.

It's really that simple

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